Sausalito Moving out of the big city!

We’re moving out of San Francisco and moving right into the yuppie land of Sausalito. Gone are the days of random crazy people yelling at you and watching violence and throwup on the bus. At least when at home. We both continue to work in San Francisco so I’m sure will have to deal with a certain amount of ‘edgy’ that I’ve grown to really not enjoy.
Our new place is great: Largish 1 bedroom, walk in closet, large deck, gas stove, storage, shared with 1 other unit washer dryer, and parking. It is two and a half very steep blocks to a little downtown area with food and a movie theater, and from there just a hop skip and a jump to the waterfront. Oh and the unit is up on steel beams and concrete and is thus over a smallish creak that trickles and makes lovely tranquil sounds.We will soon be aproximately here. We start paying rent March 1rst and should have the keys a week or so before then. Exciting times!