PGE and monopolistic practices

I’m used to the customer service from the government sanctioned
monopolies being terrible. I expect to wait on hold for ages when
I have to call up PGE for whatever reason. I couldn’t imagine
what they could do that would actually be worse than their current
customer service. However they have managed to do what I could
not imagine. I got called by them about an appointment, it went
to my voicemail, and the message I got was hilarious. The gist
is: a computerized voice told me they were going to connect
me to a live person to talk about my appointment, at which point I
hear music and a different computerized voice kicks in and tells
me that all the operators are busy and there is quite a wait. But
if I don’t want to wait I can punch in my number and, you guessed
it, they’ll call me back. What a world.