Bowl The Planet Bowling for the environment

The Center for ecosystem survival is having their annual bowl-a-thon
and silent auction Saturday, March 15th down in Daily City. Like
any something-a-thon you try and get donations from friends,
coworkers, or yourself. Either on a flat rate or per event (like
per pin based on your best score.) $35 dollars worth of donations
gets you in the door for 3 hours of bowling and pizza and
softdrinks. You need 4 people to reserve your own lane and lanes
can have up to 7 people. Higher donation levels get you
progressively better swag, like the event shirt. Which Rachel did
again this year, and the image she drew for it looks great. The
silent auction is fun, last year we got a couple of discounted
gift certificates to a couple nice restaurant. Go
to and check it