2008 Pacific Coast Brew Off

Jake and I entered the 2008 Pacific Cost Brew off with a batch of American Brown Ale we had made about a month ago. The contest was held today, and while we didn’t win anything it was a great time. Not to mention we got free t-shirts, tasting glasses, and the opportunity to try a variety of good beers. We are definitely at the low end of the brewers with our very lax production schedule, bottling instead of kegging, and doing partial mash instead of all grain. A couple of brewers had 7+ entries in kegs which was pretty impressive. Everyone was essentially an enthusiast and were all very supportive and encouraging of each others efforts. The contest was held in Potrero Hill, with tables for the brewers, a couple of tents, a DJ, and surprisingly cooperative weather. We drove over around 12:30 to set up our booth and taste the other entries before the general public started in on them. Molly had made cookies as palate cleansers / bribes and Jake had made a nice label for our bottles so our table area looked pretty good, almost professional one might say. Poured beer till we ran out around 4:30 and the results were announced at 5. Definitely a good experience and hopefully one that we will repeat in the future.