Marin Century Ride – 2008 106 miles on a bike – are you crazy?

So I did the Marin Century ride today, which was quite an event. The
longest ride I had done before was 45 miles up to the top of Mount
Tam, so this was a change! Mostly it is just a long time to be
riding a bike. There are several large hills on the route as you
can see on
the map
and there was a bit of a cross wind and head wind from time to time.
But, overall the weather was quite good. Sunny with a cool breeze
most of the day as we were near the coast. The early morning views
of valleys with clinging pieces of fog were classically Californian
coast. There were 4 rest stops on the route, all with lots of good
food and drink and restrooms. I had lunch part 1 at the second rest
stop and lunch part 2 at the third rest stop. After about 60 miles
my ass was starting to hurt – not surprisingly it continued to hurt
more for the rest of the ride. My left calf threatened cramp up but
never did. My right knee got a bit twingy after 80 miles and around
95 started to hurt if I put much force on it, so I mostly used my
left leg to get me up the last big hill then coasted the rest of the
way in. I thought it was interesting that I wasn’t really slowed
down by my cardio or my length strength but more due to the rest of
me wearing out. That is to be expected I think since I didn’t build
up slowly to a 100 miles. The book The Complete Book
of Long-Distance Cycling was pretty handy tool for figuring out
what I needed to do to train, but I only had 6 weeks and there is
only so much one can do. Oh and my right big toe had the outside
edge go numb, but it’s done that ever since that fateful backpacking
trip in ’98 so I was expecting it. I wore a lot of sunscreen but
got a little bit burned on the back of my calves as the sun shifted
around. I also had some king of bug fly into my shirt and get
caught which involved me then pulling over and frantically trying to
let said bug out as I could hear it buzzing around under my jersey.
Eventually I got it to fly out of my sleeve! The total route was
106 miles with 6250′ of elevation. From start to finish was about 9
hours for me. I was on my bike for 7 hours and 15 minutes, so
lunch, rest stops, and bug removal definitely took up some time. My
average speed was 14.3 MPH while I was on my bike. Definitely nice
that they had a good spread of food when I finished (including free
hagen-daz ice cream!) I certainly slept well that night. :)