Whirled Corpse Craft

Whirled is just what it sounds like,
an online “world” har har – oh my side! Written in Flash, and thus
very accessible from all the major browsers and computer platforms.
Part casual gaming, part social networking, part creators pallet –
it is really quit unique and has an array of wildly different things
to do. I personally was highly entertained by a little game called
“Corpse Craft” whose game play is described as: “Build an army of
re-animated corpses to destroy your foes in this puzzle-action
hybrid.” Which is quite apt. The art is great, the story and
game play entertaining. You play a game of ‘implode’ or ‘collapse’
or whatever else you want to call it on the bottom of the screen.
As you destroy groups of similarly colored blocks you increase the
number of resource blocks of the same color. You spend those
resources to launch different types of re-animated corpses across the
screen. The different corpses have different abilities that you are
trying to use to destroy your opponents corpse re-animation factory
on the other side of the screen, who of course is sending re-animated
corpses to try and destroy you. It starts off quit easy and gets
much harder for the last few levels. Regardless quite fun and
doesn’t take ages to get through.