Housing, Real Estate, Oh my

So today we bought a house! Well, given the nature of real estate that might be claiming a little much, but we did accept a counter offer to our offer and in theory 45 days from now on July 1rst we will be able to move in. The location is lovely, fairly close to downtown fairfax, very quiet, nice view, peaceful. The house was built in the 60s and is about 1300 sf on a 9200sf downslope lot at the end of road, down a private drive that is shared with the immediate neighbors. The place seems to be in great shape and has been modernized at some point with double pane windows and insulation and a lovely wood staircase with nice hardwood floors. It was sold a few years ago and passed all the inspections then so it seems unlikely that there is really much that could go wrong at this point. Very exciting!