2014-07-03 Hoover Wilderness and Yosemite

Early July Gina and I did a 50 mile loop out of Hoover Wilderness into Yosemite and back. Twin lakes -> Peeler Lake -> Benson Lake -> Matterhorn Canyon Junction (more or less) -> Crown Lake -> out. Was a fantastic trip, though we both agreed it was more strenuous than our ideal. Incredibly scenic wonders around every corner. I think our sweet spot is hitting camp an hour or two after lunch so there is time to do more local exploration, vs the macro exploration of putting on the miles. Not that we had any problems, it was just quite tiring with all the elevation change. I have some GPS tracks for a few days somewhere on my phone but the up down of the trail plus general elevation changes was pretty big. Trekking poles were a big win!

For photos, here is a short ‘best of':

2014 07 - Hoover Wilderness, Yosemite, 50 miles