Gina’s Birthday Dinner

A gallery: Gina’s Birthday Dinner at PICO


Vienna Philharmonic At Green Hall

Vienna Philharmonic At Green Hall, good times! They played for two and half hours almost with the encore, crazy. Got our fix of classical for some time I think. :)

A holiday hike

A Holiday Hike with Gina and Family!

Kayak Caroling through the Sausalito houseboats with BASK

Everyone loves caroling, particurly in Sausalito, to houseboat, while in kayaks! Fun trip organized by


Kayaking in Sausalito

Had a great time getting a couple of hours in kayaking out of Sausalito!

Muir Beach to Pirates Cove

Fun hike from Muir Beach over to Pirates Cove. Muir Beach is closed till late november, but you can park a little bit past it on 1 and walk back. Some steep scrambling to get down to the beach but it was super nice, lowish tide, just a beautiful day.

Halloween 2013

Halloween in Fairfax!

Camping in Salt Point

We spent three nights camping in Salt Point up on the Sonoma Coast 9/27/2013 – very lovely location. First day was beautiful and warm, the next two days were light drizzle – but we still had fun. :)